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The Livonian Blue Max

Ludwig, Grand Duke of Pomerania and Livonia will award all those who become members of the Nobility of the Grand Dukedom by making them Knights of The Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Livonia. All those who acquire a title will get immediately the Letter Patent of Knight and The Historical Medal.
The Grand Duke will take advantage of his Imperial and Royal freedom to allow, give and bestow to the recipients the Title of Knight of The Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Livonia, which comes with an impressive Letter Patent and the magnificent medal of Merit of Livonia, the precious Livonian Blue Max, with the French words "Pour Le Mérite" engraved in Golden letters in the Beautiful Blue medal. The medal comes in a sealed bag and includes a blue ribbon, coming with the appropriate letter patents in your name.
It must be noted that the Blue Max medal is not sold separately, so requests of this kind will be ignored. All purchasers of any package will receive in the package our impressive medal.
The Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Livonia is as old as our country and lands. Our Tradition is so old that echoed beyond our frontiers in the Former Kingdom of Prussia, where the King Friedrich the Great created his own Order of Merit. This Prussian Order was very famous till the First World War, and recipients of the Prussian Branch are renowned worldwide. Perhaps the most famous recipient of this Decoration in Prussia was Manfred Von Richtofen, the Red Baron, the Ace and Military Pilot. Other well-known recipients of this medal were the Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Helmut Von Moltke, Paul Von Hindenburg, The Iron Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck and the famous combat pilot and late Chief of the German Luftwaffe Hermann Goering.
Recently, at the proposal of the members of the Senate, the Grand Duke Ludwig has issued a Royal and Imperial Decree by which the The Sacred and Military Order of Livonia is reinstated. We have recovered our past and one of the Most Ancient and Prestigious Honors of our country.

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