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The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia is a Micronation and Sovereign State in the Exile, headed by his Royal Highness the Prince Ludwig I, Grand Duke of Pomerania and Livonia, and also protected and registered as an international trademark.
The ancient territories of Pomerania and Livonia were once located in the old territories of the German Empire, Russian Empire, Kingdom of Poland, and the Holy Roman Empire.
These ancient territories and monarchies have ceased to exist, and the territory of the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia is now spread into different nations, mainly Eastern Germany, Poland and Latvia.
The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia does not maintain diplomatic relationships with the current Governments of these countries and has no territorial ambition about its former territories, not seeking any kind of recognition.
The Juridical Status of the Grand Dukedom is the same as any Government in the exile headed by a Prince Pretendant to the Throne.
The main difference between the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia and other micronations and Governments in the exile is that the Rights of Fons Honorum and Ius Maiestatis of Prince Ludwig have not been self-assumed but legally recognized by the Magistracy in Europe, declaring Prince Ludwig as a legally valid Source of Honors, a Subject of International Law, with all rights inherent to a Prince Pretendant to the Throne.
The Pretendant to a Throne like Prince Ludwig I (that is a juridical person legally recognized by the International Laws) can act when the debellatio lacks, that is, the losing of the sovereignty. Every Sovereign has to carry on the royal power apart from the way in which he has been deposed. In this way all the titles pertain to the Sovereign and to his descendants, they maintain their nature even if the Sovereign lost the real sovereignty of a Land: we have not to forget that the Sovereignty makes part of the Family Estate (even if it has lost the jus imperii – power to command -, the jus gladii – right to have the obedience of the people – and the jus majestatis – the right to have respect and honors).
A Sovereign can be deprived of his Throne and exiled by a Land, but he can never lose His native quality: in this context take the origin the Pretendant to a Throne. In fact he maintains all his rights to the sovereignty and he can exercise it even if his juridical-institutional status has been changed. There is no doubt that he maintains the jus majestatis and the jus Honorum rights; that is the right to grant nobiliary and honorific titles of Knight Orders that made part of the personal dynastic Family’s Estate.
On the base of our experience about the present subject, we got starting from the half of the past century, we are able to suggest to The Royal House of Pomerania and Livonia the following: renovations, acknowledgments of titles, predicates, Coat-of-arms, qualifications and possible deeds or granting ex-novo of titles, qualifications and predicates.
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